Best of The Week: 11/06/20


I’ve had classic Aran sweaters on the brain lately, and this near-perfect example from Emerson Fry is really calling to me. If you hear it too, put your name on the list now!

Here’s a cool chunky boot from H&M for under $120 that looks like it’s built to last — the black is pretty great too.

This charming cheetah lamp is the kind of thing you would see in Diana Vreeland’s office at Vogue. In other words, it’s pretty fabulous!
This tee shirt expresses exactly how I think we’ve all been feeling these last few days, am I right? I just can’t decide between this, the long sleeved version, the tube socks or the matching tote!

My sister got me one of these little gold initials (a G) for my birthday. So cute!

I just got Ursa Major’s Fir and Sandalwood Forest Fix Deodorant, and not only does it smell really good, but $1 of each one purchased on the site will be donated to organizations that are working to keep our forests healthy and protected for generations to come! Nice.

I just think this is such a cute little leather bag for everyday use.

Just got these very nesting bowls yesterday and I can’t wait to mix some stuff in them!



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  1. I so don’t need a table lamp but the leopard seems like one of those things I’ll go looking for once it is sold out. So he might be en route soon. (I think I’d swap out the shade, though.)

    1. This post exemplifies what I love about your blog: Classic cozy sweater, cool boots, funky lamp, best eco-friendly deodorant, and cute functional mixing bowls….all in one post!

  2. I can vouch for the perfection of the EF Aran sweater! I am very particular about Aran sweaters. My yardstick is a now threadbare one my father passed along from when he lived in Ireland in the 70’s. The EF sweater comes closer than any other I have found. It is really substantial and warm, knit from super soft, dense wool AND has raglan sleeves rather than the dreaded lumpy sewn-in sleeves. My one caveat is that the neckline is more of a mock neck than it appears in the photo.

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