Best of the Week: 10/20/17



It’s getting close to my birthday and that always makes me want to shop more than ever (rationale “but it’s my birthday month!” Anyone else with me here?) For some reason I’ve been craving a cashmere sweater in a non-traditional color and this purply one is exactly what I’m looking for. And it’s on sale which leaves money for other fun stuff!
After writing about Batsheva Hay on Wednesday, I am a little obsessed with Liberty prints. I found a cute bandana that gives just enough of a taste.
I recently bought some classic A.P.C. jeans, which I used to own years ago and have no idea what happened to them. They’re super tight and scratchy at first but if you stick with it and follow the cleaning directions (i.e. don’t wash them for a really, really long time) they break in like nothing else.
I tried on these amazing Calderesque earrings at No.6 the other day and can’t stop thinking how they could really transform a lot of plain outfits into something a bit more interesting.
There’s just something about Frye’s Engineer Combat boot — so perfectly nineties but completely fresh again.


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  1. LOL! It’s also my birthday month (10/29, baby!) and I am exactly the same way! That sweater and those boots are super good – I swore I’d never wear combat-style boots again, but I may need to reconsider now!

    1. I love both of those pieces, too, DeDe and Andrea! I want the sweater in red, tho, my signature color. (If I were to wear color. )

      And I think your sentence should read: “And it’s on-sale which leaves people more money to buy me other fun stuff!” (See what I did there?)

  2. Of course you would be a Scorpio ! Was in Uniqlo yesterday and you must try the ballet neck heat-tech extra warm long sleeve tee ( amazing colors like sienna, army green, etc.and of course the always useful black, navy, gray). For thin women, those who are never warm and are sick of wearing five layers ( me! me ! me ! ) these hold in body heat,allow perspiration to evaporate in some mysterious way and yet do not smell stinky in the process. And why won’t Frye make size 5 boots for people like me ? It’s time they did.

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