Best of The Week: 10/9/20

If you’ve been getting weird emails or no emails from us lately, it’s because we’ve had some techincal difficulties and I think they’re all fixed, so thanks for your patience. Now I can discuss this pretty berry number that can easily take the place of a blazer or even a denim jacket. Plus those chest pockets are perfect for cell phones and lippie!


Since I’ve grown out most of my highlights, I am back to my natural dark brown hair. My friend and hair savior Anessa Daviero of Headdress Salon turned me on to Davines Chocolate conditioner, which, though kind of messy in the shower (i.e. my husband hates it), it really keeps hair looking super rich and shiny.

I am thinking these cozy-cool Quoddy barn boots would be extra cute with one of those horsey jackets from last week — or even a classic menswear coat or parka.  I picked up a Wetbrush detangler on a recent trip when I realized I’d forgotten a comb. All I can say is I don’t know how I ever washed my hair without one!

Here are some Suzie Kondi vibes for under $60

Such a cute little crossbody to sling over your jacket that is giving me real back-to-school feelings!

I picked up this chic merino sweater on a recent trip to Uniqlo and it’s so soft you’d think it was cotton. Needless to say I have been wearing it with everything — alone and tucked into high waist jeans or thrown over a tee.

Meet my new favorite studs — pretty little rubies set in 14k prongs direct from Jaipur. They haven’t left my ears since I got them!

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  1. Tell your hubby that I hear him on the “messy shower” thing from products. I swear I just about take out my family after using my body salt scrub in the shower! Slippery!

  2. The blog is not showing up, as of a week ago. I can only see it when I click on the link in your Instagram feed.

  3. Yay! I’m so glad you posted those Quoddy boots. I have the campus shearling slippers and some customized moccasins. I really want them to do a Magnum PI suede boat shoe for summer!

  4. I have a feeling those rubies in the lovely studs might be from Burma in which case they really aren’t an ethical purchase, what with the military dictatorship and all.

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