Best of The Week: 10/23/20

By now it’s pretty obvious that I have lady jackets on the brain. So I now bring you yet another great option in this tweedy little number from & Other Stories that looks a lot like a cool vintage piece that you would find somewhere like Edith Machinist. And yes, I went to the store to see it in person and it’s GOOD. Since it’s my birthday weekend, I just might treat myself!

I can’t get enough of the intoxicating scent of Mad et Len’s Terre Noire. It’s super sexy and expensive but its mood-lifting  properties make it worth every penny.

I found this amazing convertible bag while on one of my usual rabbit-hole adventures on Etsy. You can wear it as a north-south bag on your shoulder, or fold it into a little tote. And get this, it’s only $7.99!!

I just ordered two of these soft cardigans (black and mushroom) because aside from being pieces I would wear all the time, they’re now 50% off!I was intrigued by This hair thickener by The Ordinary. I’ve been using it at night and will let you know what happens. Since most of their products are pretty effective, I am hopeful!

I don’t need a new wallet right now but if I did, I would snap up this fun electric blue metallic one in a flash! And how good is the natural leather trim?!

My friend Jeannine of Le Superbe made this cool message tee ($30), and all proceeds go to Rock the Vote. How can we not all buy one (or two)?These Marc Jacobs boots are just so perfectly sexy ’70s, and are making me want to wear them with a jumpsuit like this with the legs rolled up.

My husband bought this seemingly unexciting (to me anyway) Patagonia bag for a recent plane trip. Then we all went for a road-trip night away, and it held everything for the three of us. Plus you can carry it on your back. Now I am obsessed!

I just replaced my old, worn-out retractable makeup brush with this super soft antimicrobial one that applies bronzer or powder evenly and stays clean in your bag.





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  1. BIG fan of that Patagonia bag. I bought one a few years ago that came in a navy with orange accent color combo – it’s held up well and is my go-to bag for plane trips. I’ve travelled internationally with it too!

  2. Happy birthday, Andrea! And I love the cropped cardigans and the Patagonia bag (even though I don’t usually like big labels – somehow that one’s OK).

  3. Have a wonderful birthday and thank you for a great blog I read while drinking my morning tea (and procrastinating the start to my work day)!

  4. Happy Belated First Pandemic Birthday, Andrea! While we don’t know each other, I have been having coffee every morning with your blog for a long time. (and end up shopping sometimes!)

  5. Happy Birthday, Andrea! Like Carmen said above, I’ve enjoyed many a cup of coffee reading your blog through the years! And I have many an item in my wardrobe thanks to you! Thanks for always being a bright spot in these uncertain times!

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