Best of The Week: 1/8/21


 Let’s begin our Friday by checking out Emerson Fry’s swiss dot cotton blouse that feels extra special, yet is as easy to throw on as a basic tee. And that deep indigo would look perfect with black, ecru and blue jeans alike. Enjoy the weekend, everyone! xx

How can it be that Magnafied has yet another clog for me to obsess over? And here it is: this awe-inspiring style in my favorite black watch plaid that I kind of want to wear them with my new Brooks Brothers boys’ trousers.

I recently rediscovered Olaplex No.3 and my hair is already thanking me for it!


Last time I was at the Everlane store, I was marveling over the manager’s jeans, which turned out to be these. They have a cool vintage vibe and are surprisingly flattering.

I blame my friend Carol for getting me hooked on this aromatherapy laundry soap after I visited her delicious-smelling house where this stuff permeated the air, towels, you name it. Anyway, it’s pricy but you only need a little bit and I’m telling you it’s worth it!

Here’s a great pair of thick hinge hoops that look just like the solid gold Indian ones I used to stalk at ABC Carpet.

I love a half-zip sweater and this one from Madewell is especially great because it doesn’t go all the way up the neck, plus the mushroom shade is divine.

And this adorable array of dolls is actually non-toxic nail polish for kids, but I ordered some for myself, because really, how could I not?




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  1. Those earrings are CUUUUTE! They remind me a bit of the Kendra Scott ones you posted before Christmas which my husband bought for me.

  2. What size did you get in the Brooks Brothers boys’ trousers? I wear a 4 in women’s pants, 26 or 27 in jeans. Thanks.

  3. Love *all* the things here. I’d also love to know what jeans the Emerson Frye model is wearing… or find something that looks like them! The wash, the stitching, the cut… so perfect.

  4. Ughhhhh I want that Emerson Fry blouse. And yes, Olaplex really works!!!! It’s 100% worth the money, and I say this as someone with quite a hair product graveyard.

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