Best of The Week: 1/29/21


I think I may have posted it before, but I love it so much you’ll have to excuse me for the repeat. I really want this cool leather blazer to wear under my parka, but also as my outerwear just as soon as weather permits. Happy Friday, everyone! xx

Blink and it will be Valentine’s Day. Sure, flowers are nice but I’m super into sending friends (and my mom) something that lasts way past the 14th. How about this sweet little rose plant that will bloom and bloom — truly the gift that keeps on giving! Here are the rest of their holiday (and beyond) offerings.

I just got this shrunken argyle vest that I plan on wearing ’80s-style over a plain tee, and also maybe with a white or black button-sown or silk blouse (for a more ’70s vibe).

Saie Bouncy Marshmallow Highlighter in Bronze Nectar has been teasing me on IG (the whole brand has, actually), so I finally said why not and now I’m using it every day for a super subtle cheekbone/eyelid shine.

Anyone remember Lyell, Emma Fletcher’s cool-girl mini-shop in Nolita? It was the place to go for chic and romantic slightly French-new wave pieces and I miss it dearly. Luckily she’s still got some great stuff online and I recently bought this little embellished velvet pouch on sale, that I keep on my desk with all the essentials for the day – lip balm, glasses-cleaning cloth, Tic Tacs and ear buds. And when it’s time to go out again, it will be my go-to evening bag. p.s. I also treated myself to this fabulous sparkly velvet jacket (also on big sale).In normcore news, I have been reaching for my old classic Clark’s Wallabees booties for walks around the city or playground days. Aside from being crazy comfortable, they look super cute with just about anything–  jeans, baggy army pants, nice trousers–you name it. Fun fact: I got a pair of these in brown leather for Nada Surf lead singer Matthew Caws for his role as a teacher when I styled this video a hundred years ago. p.s. I found the corduroy suit at the flea market and was so proud that it fit him perfectly!I just ordered this chic bra with a pretty bufferfly motif from none other than Victoria’s Secret. Feels very fancy ’70s French lingerie, non?

And here’s a great pair of jeans that are on sale at Gap. They look a bit like a good vintage score, but with just enough stretch to not feel like it!

I think this mostly cotton button-down with matching black buttons (so important!) is a pretty great deal at $16.19.





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  1. Ohhh, I loved Lyell ( walked past the old storefront the other day and literally sighed) and didn’t realize she still had an internet presence.

  2. I love those Clark’s but have trouble visualizing myself styling them. I like the black! My Dad wore them in the 70s.

  3. Andrea, I’m in love with your new Lyell blazer! They don’t have any sizing charts on their site…..can you tell me if your jacket runs large/small/just right?

  4. I was so inspired by 6397’s emails with the models wearing their Wallabees that I bought a pair this winter. Thanks for the styling advice!

  5. Andrea, I love all of your posts, and your styling advice. I’ve been following you since the get go. Now living in Seattle (but am a New Yorker), I am desperately trying to find some stylish rainwear. I’m wanting to get outside and walk more these days due to pandemic claustrophobia but really don’t have proper rainwear after all my years here. I need a longer coat, and some shoes/boots that have a good traction so I don’t slip on wet leaves! Help! Everyone in Seattle thinks I’m nuts as I refuse to wear the standard fleece and Gortex and other awful looking outdoorsy clothing everyone here wears. All function, no style. Can’t do it! Help out a New York gal stuck in Seattle please 🙂

    1. Thank you! I do know that you love those boots. I have super narrow feet and was concerned they wouldn’t be comfortable for long walks. I will take a look at those again and see if they would fit. I have not heard about Rains! Exactly what I’m looking for! I knew you’d have a good suggestion! I agree, cannot go the Patagonia/tech route. Your husband would love Seattle.

      Thanks again! XO

    2. Hi Ann – I can also recommend a fabulous Australian brand called Merry People for super cute and incredibly comfortable rain boots:
      I have narrow feet and love mine. They have a wetsuit “sock” so fit to your foot beautifully.

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