Best of The Week: 1/15/21

Let’s start today’s round-up with my brand new Mango cardigan that has a handknit look and feel,while feeling super soft to the touch. The deep V means I can show off my usual necklaces, and it works with low-cut tees and button-downs, and it’s so soft you can wear it alone. Have a great long weekend, everyone. See you next week.xxWe are always second guessing when it comes to meat actually being cooked (especially chicken, natch) and this Thermo pen tells you in a flash (plus the colors are so cute!)

When I bought that new cardigan, I looked around at the sale and found this sweet 100% cotton shirt with fun details like the subtle ruffle and covered buttons.

I’ve been using my usual Erborian CC Cream and now I add a little Dull Correct to the mix, which makes my skin look more even and glowy which really helps when your face is on screen all day long.

I am not really a sneaker person, but bought some boys’ Air Force 1s anyway. Turns out I’ve been wearing them with everything from jeans to army pants every single day, and especially love them with my oversize menswear coat (kinda French).

Here’s a super chic leather jacket that is now down from a whopping $995 to the more friendly $398 (plus another 25% off at checkout, and they take Klarna!). It makes the perfect indoor blazer to give your outfit a little something more, and a great layer or spring and fall outdoor piece.

I’ve been lusting after old Bulgari rings which feel so excellently ’80s glam, and since I don’t have an extra few grand lying around, I was excited to stumble across this chic, chunky piece that could definitely scratch that itch.



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    1. Thanks – 6Y? (Sorry, if I’m a bit thick this am). Going to get a pair if I can figure out sizing.

    2. Thanks! My morning-addled brain was reading the “Y” as “Years,” not “Youth.” Will order later today (reward for slogging through a less than stimulating assignment)

  1. That leather blazer is to die..I am now obsessing over it..
    My 16 year old lives in Air Force ones.
    She didn’t want me matching with her (which I get) so she bought me old school white Reebok’s for Xmas.I really do like them, but not as much as the Air Force ones! Lol!

  2. I’m not typically a sneaker person either, but my husband got me a colorful pair of mid top Air Jordan’s and with a menswear coat or even my Barbour, it just works! I get so many compliments!

  3. I look at Mango frequently but have never ordered from them. Can anyone speak to quality (like Loft? JCrew? another retailer?) as well as sizing…true to size ? Thank you.

    1. For the most part I like the quality, and I would say it fits a bit smaller than, say J. Crew. This cardigan is meant to be oversized so the XS is still pretty slouchy. Hope that helps! xx

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