Beauty Roundup: What Makes You Glow?



Last week I asked, “what makes you feel pretty?” and got some interesting answers, many of which had to do with smelling good. Now I want to know what makes you feel like you shine bright from the inside out. After asking my friends, and after getting lots of “you mean besides sex?” answers I actually got down to some pretty interesting methods. I’ve already told you about my love affair with Glow Butter and I’m happy to report we’re still going strong. I also rely on the The Estee Edit Skin Glowing Balm with Pink Peony, which evens out my skin tone and gives me a little extra ‘light’. So, whats your go-to glow thing?


Jenn Zinn, Model Manager, The Industry Model Management (@pier59studios). Aroma Veda Golden Serum. “After a long day of meetings, castings and photo shoots, I rely on this to make me feel refreshed, relaxed and ready to get back in the game again each morning. Before bed I am a splash-of-water, brush-the-teeth, tie- the-hair-back type of dame.  The only step I’ve ever taken further than that is this serum. I can’t live without it. “
Christina Kornilakis, vintage dealer (@portiaandmanny). Nars Orgasm Blush Stick. “I could be ovulating, could’ve just had an afternoon romp, OR I could’ve just rubbed this cream onto my cheeks- either way, I’m glistening…”
Gabriela Owens, art director “Vitamin E oil. “I use it for everything! Hair , face, skin. It’s the best moisturizer I have used thus far. And it gives me the best glow (outside of when I was pregnant).”
 Sharon Anderson, stylist. Cane & Austen Miracle Pads. “I can use these daily to just freshen everything up; it tingles…then I mix my face wash on top and leave the whole thing on a bit longer. For the mask peel I put it on at night and sleep in it sometimes, when I’m desperate and I remember.”
Hope Greenberg, co-founder, Soapbox Strategists. Glossier Stretch Concealer (in Light). “It not only flawlessly covers dark circles, it’s also ever-so-slightly illuminating.”
Michelle Tarantelli, tattoo artist. Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow “It really makes your skin luminescent — it’s got tiny sparkles in it!”
 Dana Linett Silber, writer L’Oréal Visible Life Radiance Booster “I need highlighter to make me glow these days. I use this in the daytime and NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator (not as subtle) at night.”


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  1. Vapour Stratus Soft Focus Illuminating Primer is da bomb!!! I sometimes wear it alone and my skin looks perfecto!

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