And Now For Some Chic Midi Dresses

 I’m not a huge dress person once the weather changes from hot to crisp, yet I am intrigued by all the longer fall styles out there. I’m guessing it’s because they cover enough leg to feel somewhat pants-y, and also look cool with all of kinds of boots and clogs (plus they don’t require a full-tights situation and you can get away with knee socks). Let’s begin with H & M’s easy drawstring floral dress will make you look like you put in a lot of effort, even though you just threw it on. Also loving it with the heavy boots.

Here’s a pretty one to wear over a thin turtleneck, or as is on a fancier occasion.

I like the juxtaposition between the fun animal print and the prim and proper silhouette here.

This chic black number from Cos is now 50% off.

Vince’s olive silk shirtdress interestingly looks like two pieces, which creates a flattering shape.



The bold print here is perfectly fall-feminine, and I love it with the cowgirl belt.

I would wear this terra-cotta silk shirtdress with knee-high boots and a leather belt.

The double layers of this mostly-cotton dress are just so chic!

A leopard shirtdress is polished but fun.

I love the cool shape here, and the shock of the white belt.

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