And Now For a Little Outdoorsy Vibe

Even though the thought of camping sends shivers up my spine, there’s still something about this time of year that makes me want to dress a little more down-to-earth and cozy. So here is a little roundup of what I would describe as “woodsy” pieces, like this cute plaid jacket that is perfect for layering over lots of stuff, and under a big parka when it gets really cold.

I’m still obsessing heavily over these L.L. Bean boots because they have that good Timberland-esque padded ankle that makes them so much better than the usual ones!

Fall always calls for corduroy! Everlane’s version has a nice trouser thing going on that can feel a little dressy if need be.

This L.L. Bean classic flannel shirt has a secret fleecy lining which makes it all the better! I think I would throw it on when it’s extra chilly around the house, too. p.s. it even has little pockets!

 Hunter’s no-nonsense (yet super cute) fanny pack comes in lots of different colors, but the olive with that pop of red and white is my favorite, with the yellow coming in as a close second.

Here’s a fleece pullover in a nice creamy white that is like a fabulous stuffed animal for your body (and it’s now under $32!)

You can’t talk about this whole vibe without some old school rag socks like these.

I am in love with this elevated flannel shirt in the perfect pumpkin spice shade to wear open over a tee or turtleneck or tucked into some nice trousers.

This Timex watch is girl-scout chic and completely functional (takes a licking and keeps in ticking!)

I love a good neck warmer and here’s a cute Pendleton-esque style that is way more fun than a plain old one any day.  Plus, it can double as a mask in a pinch





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  1. I LOVE camping, but I haven’t done it since my kids were little – pre-back injuries, I guess. Someday…

    I’m a sworn enemy of fanny packs, but that Hunter one is – dare I say it? – cute! And I just bought that watch last weekend in black for my hubby who is an EMT. That’s a great price!

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