A Cavalcade of Camel


This photo of Kate Moss, circa 1994 will never, ever get old. The mix of that chic classic coat, torn skirt and fabulous vintage leopard bag (still searching for it after all these years!) is just wow. Anyway, this perfectly illustrates how such a rich-looking piece can elevate anything, so let’s look at some more good camel options. p.s. here’s a good chain choker kind of like Kate’s!

Theory’s simple topper can be thrown over anything from a band tee and jeans to a crisp white shirt and trousers.

I love how these Vince pants are so easy yet so polished.

Light brown boots are so good with black jeans!

Here’s a great streamlined coat for under $90.

The stripes give an otherwise simple tote a little more energy, which gives it a Clare V. vibe, too.

I love the cool old-Celine-y shape of this chic and cozy sweater. Just add off white jeans!

The shade of this Cos leather skirt feels much more polished than plain black.

J. Crew’s perfect blazer makes a great fall jacket or winter layer, and is just screaming for old-school Levi’s and loafers.

There’s nothing like a classic cashmere scarf to elevate any coat you might be wearing (and it’s now just under $40!)







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  1. Andrea, I just love these preppy posts you’ve been making. As much as I would like to think my style is more eclectic, I just keep coming back to these classic pieces. I still can’t get Alexa Chung’s Prada sweater and Chanel slingbacks with jeans look out of my head.

  2. The camel sweater still works with white jeans, right?

    Glad to see that I’m not the only one with self-tanner issues! (Kate, above 😉 )

  3. I loooove a camel coat. And a camel sweater. Luckily, I already own them so I’m not tempted (yet again!) to buy something after I’ve seen it here! 🙂

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