Warm and Fuzzy Boots



I finally pulled out my trusty higher-heeled No.6 booties last week on a trip to freezing-cold Canada, (which, by the way, set off a comment storm on Instagram when I posted a photo in them on a two-second sled ride with my toddler, as though I were wearing stiletto pumps!) But then I got excited about all kinds of warm boots, from practical to sexy to just plain comfy. A recent trip to the No.6 store made me suddenly want the lower-heeled version of those trusty clog boots, bexause they somehow feel new again.

Such a cute pair of wedges that mimic an old school-tyrolean snow boot.
Finally Ugg came out with a shearling-lined sneaker that goes up just high enough.
Here’s a Mad Max-meets-’80s Robin Hood slouch boot that I’m guessing is super comfy.
And I’m just crazy about these almost-slippers with a ’70s Easy Rider vibe.
Classic L.L. Bean boots are forever. Shearling ones are even better and sell out in a flash. Take my advice and order yours now!
I bring you another vintage-y wedge with fleece trim that is at once sexy and completely not trying so hard.
This sneaker/boot hybrid is like the cushiest pair of Vans imaginable.


  • November 9, 2017

    Sherri Rifkin

    You’re clearing having a camel moment! Was hoping for some other (darker) colors, as camel can get dirty from the slushy substance pervasive on NYC sidewalks…I’ve been looking at some classic hiker boots that are shearling lined…

  • November 9, 2017


    Love your description of the “Mad Max” boot! You’re so right!

  • November 13, 2017


    The suede ones are cute, especially the Quoddy dupes, but none of these are going to stand up to snow or slush other than the classic LL Bean duck boot. We need tough for NYC! 🙂