Top 5: Sarah Trogdon, Founder, Goldie’s Natural Beauty

I became aware of Sarah after I formed an unhealthy (or healthy, depending on how you look at it) bond with one of her products, namely her Cocoa Rose Dream Cream that smells good enough to eat and makes skin super duper moisturized (I buy at least three at a time for fear of running out). She started her-luxe hippie line in 2009 after years of making soaps and fragrance combinations for her family and friends. Sarah, originally from North Carolina, is now an urban beach girl living in Rockaway, where she makes her clean, chemical-free products (and there are many) in small batches right at home. Everything is effective and everything smells divine! It’s no surprise that Sarah’s picks have a slight boho edge with a little dash of NYC.

 1. Mara Hoffman Rio bikini top. “Always been a fan of Mara’s swimwear, this super cute chartreuse tie top could be part of my uniform for summer.”
2. Sprout People Micrograms Kit “Even in the dead of winter you can grow sprouts. All you need is a mason jar, a screened lid, seeds, light and water to have fresh homegrown sprouts all the time. My parents always had a jar of them growing in the window and I carry on this tradition in my home. I like to enjoy them right from the jar. This company has kits and non GMO, organic seed mixes that are super yummy. This particular one is like a sprout salad!”
3. Naga shirt by Nanushka. “I was thinking a cowgirl button up should be on my top. 5 but I don’t know where you buy them new… then I came across this rodeo sweetheart dream! The be-all end-all button down dreams are made of. I looked up the lady who started this Hungarian brand and no surprise, total badass.”


4. Off Season Work Jean “If you have to put on pants, you should try these. These gorgeous high waisted, NY/LA made jeans are a must have, I pretty much feel this way about everything they make. Come to Rockaway and visit the shop in the spring! There are some sexy smart variations on them — I’m in LOVE with the herringbone and I wear my indigo pair every day. Great fit, soft durable denim, good pockets, flattering to the waist and bottom. They feel kind of ’70s and kind of ultramodern. They are easily dressed up or down.”
5. DS & Durga Cowboy Grass “I’ve always been a sucker for scent. It’s in part I think, why I’m good at my job. I feel this way about the aroma ingenuity at DS & Durga. These old Williamsburg buddies created a line of perfume matched by no other I’ve smelled. This is one of their original formulations and it is exquisite. Ambergris, rose, thyme, and sage… the blend is masterful. you’ve just got to smell it. Sexy, grassy, earthy and high.”

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