Top 5: Sally Penn, Artist/Designer/Stylist



I’ve known Sally since the ’90s, when she was making the coolest deconstructed street wear (my favorite was a halter fashioned from a classic football jersey that I wore to death). I haven’t seen her in ages until we bumped into each other on the lower east side recently. She looks exactly the same and is still making cute stuff — I immediately noticed her tee made from old jeans, if you can picture it. A little about Sally: She was born in England and raised in New Zealand and has the best voice and accent. She now lives in Brooklyn with her cute husband and two boys and now works as a still life stylist for Teen Vogue and Vogue (and she did that at Lucky too!) I’m so psyched she started making stuff again like that cute denim tee, a cute sock line called Penn Friends and also home goods are her next thing. Stay tuned here to see more!


 1. Adidas Originals Adilette Slides “I have a pastel stripe version on high rotation from last summer that needs replacing with these solid pastels.”


2. Swatch Watch, Black Coat  “Mother’s Day gift from hubby with heartwarming note – ”You make every minute better”. Feels good to wear a watch again after years without. It’s a relief to not rely on my phone for the time, means less glancing at it and not having to worry about being late if I run out of juice.”
3. Tarte Gifted Mascara  “I was recently turned on to this… it’s the first toxin-free mascara I’ve come across that doesn’t crumble or smudge, it basically stays put!”

4. Lyell, Cloud Handbag  “This keeps popping into my head. It’s a beautiful and whimsical antidote to the whole power bag vibe. Full disclosure, the designer Emma Fletcher and I go way back. All her pieces are thoughtful, beautifully made and have soul.”
5. Maria Black Ready Heart ring – Reminds me of a signet ring but its modern and minimal clean lines are softened by the traditional, delicate rose gold. Discovered at Illums Boligus, a mind blowing design store in Copenhagen.



  • September 13, 2017


    Now THAT is a GREAT pic! Made me smile.

  • September 13, 2017

    Kelly N

    Everything is just incredible on this Top 5. I wonder if you can share more information about that beautiful blue bag Sally is sporting in the picture?

    • September 15, 2017


      It’s an old blue mesh Baggu!

  • September 14, 2017


    This is one of the best lists I have seen here-down to earth, affordable, and cool without being pretentious! LOVE!!!

  • September 15, 2017


    Sally has the best style! Just look at that jumpsuit!