Top 5: Kopal, Designer



Kopal, a native of India, spent years working for big brands like Bottega Veneta (her first gig out of college), Ralph Lauren and Converse. Then she created her own luxe-bohemian line inspired by all of her world travels to places like Peru, Morocco, Brazil and Ecuador. Kopal really pays attention to every detail — everything is all beautifully handcrafted by artisans in India using old-school methods like hand-blocking and looming, and it’s all made of really good cotton, silk and natural dyes. Each piece is super special yet wearable and the Anoo dress is my favorite right now — such a perfect grown-up hippie dress! Here’s what Kopal can’t live without these days.

 1. Me and Ro Double Lotus necklace “Me and Ro makes their jewelry with recycled and ethically sourced silver, and it’s one of the reasons I bought this piece. The other reason I bought it was it was so delicate and fragile looking, but the craftsmanship is so strong that it has been my trusted piece for over a decade.”
2.  Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1: “This is the only one I ever use, it’s not cakey like the other petroleum oil- based balms, it goes on smooth almost like an oil without being sticky and keeps your lips moist the whole day.”
3. Kopal KC Top: “Pink is not my color, but this color is my pink. It’s that sweetest shade without being too fruity, the hand embroidery is done all under the roof my small factory where I employ only women to do the handwork. This pattern was also designed by Anju and me together, which was liberating for her as she’s always told what to do.”


4NARS Cruella Lip Liner: “It’s matte, the perfect red and fiery. It doesn’t spread or blot and it gives the devil in me the wings for all sorts of naughtiness!”


5. Sachajuan Leave In Conditioner “If you’ve ever used a leave in conditioner, the one thing that is a must-have is the ‘lightness’, and this product is not only light, but it leaves your hair feeling fresh and buoyant. And the major reason for the love is how beautiful and stunning this conditioner smells.”



  • August 9, 2017

    Rebecca Adams

    That NARS velvet matte lip liner is my go-to (I love Dolce Vita color). Perfect texture!

  • August 9, 2017

    Ita Darling

    I love all of her picks!

    I always giggle though- so many woman always include a dark/super bright lip color in their top 5- but when you feature a photo of them- they are invariably never wearing said “go to” lip color..

    It’s like me IRL- I will wear a bright/dark color for about 3 hours and then when I start really having fun- it gets wiped off and my standard/subtle lippie gets subbed in.

    But I am intrigued by her line- it’s like Ace &Jig for more worldly women