Top 5: Jessica Winzelberg, Jewelry Designer



I became obsessed with Jessica’s bold, sexy stone earrings when my friend Edie first told me about her last year. A former investment banker, Jessica now creates her sculptural and sweet pieces from her sunny backyard studio in L.A. (I have to say, I’m a little jealous). Her latest collection is inspired by sentimental Victorian charms and motifs, except she’s going for a modern-day California version with her tongue-in-cheek gold avocado and sweet emerald cactus pendants. There’s also the amazing “L’Univers Vous Garde” Necklace, based on antique French jewelry proclaiming that God will keep you safe. It’s Jessica’s no-denominational version and I love it. Fun fact: she’s BFFs with Top 5 alum and cool Californian Joanna Williams who incidentally wears the sweet lapis star necklace every day. So here’s what she’s all about right now (and I am so into that first one).


1. Ashley Black Fascia Blaster “I’m addicted to this miracle device. It seems a bit infomercial-esque but I swear it gets rid of cellulite and does an incredible job of relieving tension in the body. I use the smaller size on the back of my neck and shoulders, which can get tense from sitting at my jeweler’s bench. I can’t recommend it enough.”
2. Golden Goose sneakers “I have a serious Golden Goose addiction, and these are next on my list. Before discovering this brand years ago, I had an aversion to wearing sneakers when I wasn’t working out. They always just felt frumpy on me. Now I wear them almost daily. I love that I don’t feel like I have to make a compromise to look and feel put together while getting sh*t done.”
3. Anna Karlin Studios carafe “Everything she makes is incredibly beautiful and thoughtful. I can’t imagine a prettier carafe in all the land. “
4. Beatrice Valenzuela Alcatraz dress “Beatrice is a friend and this dress is perfect for year-round living in LA. It’s also a dream vacation piece – the kind of dress that pretty much ensures that you’ll have a magical evening when you wear it. I plan on eventually getting one in each color.”


 5. Jessica Winzelberg Cactus Necklace  “I’m obsessed with this piece from my new California-inspired collection. I wear either the emerald or turquoise one every day and they really make me smile.”



  • February 9, 2017


    She’s so cool she might have even convinced me to try the fascia blaster.

    • February 10, 2017

      Ita Darling

      Me too! I’m super curious–as a devotee of Rolfing- I know the power the fascia has on the body.. I want one now!