Top 5: Gloria Noto, Founder, Noto Botanics

Gloria is a big-time bi-coastal makeup artist who does a ton of cool editorial (iD, French Glamour, Dazed…) and her celebrity clients include everyone from Shailene Woodley to Sarah Silverman. She started her impressive line, Noto Botanics a couple of years ago after a soul-searching meditation trip to Thailand where she was inspired to create something out-of-the-ordinary, and products that are actually good for you. Gloria had always made products for herself and her clients, but she wanted to reach everyone (and thank God she did, because seriously, I love all of it!). You’ve already seen my latest obsession, the intoxicating Agender Oil right here, and there are also great little natural makeup shades and a fabulous serum.”The last thing the world needs is another cosmetics line,” she said, “But when I really thought about it, I knew there was something much bigger that I wanted to do if I should make one…  to expand on the ideas of what wellness was normally considered to be, share the imagery and the stories behind those who didn’t fit into the cookie-cutter looks of wellness brands and also push the point of the importance of knowing that what you use on your skin holds value to not only your health but the ripple effect that consumerism has on the globe.” And now for what she is loving right now.

 1. Sun Potion Mucuna Pruriens  “I get mine from my buddy Nitsa who is the art director there. I put a scoop of this in my coffee almost every day – and when I do, I feel extra good. I swear by it. It contains a principle ingredient: L-Dopa, a naturally occurring amino acid which transforms into Dopamine in the brain which can aid in better sleep and overall mood. Apparently it also has a reputation for enhancing your sex drive, which is great!”
2. Margiela Tabi Boots
I think these may be my most favorite shoes ever. They have the quality of an everyday boot with a slightly unnerving toe detail that I personally love. I have to add that they may be the most comfortable heel I have ever worn.”
3. Parachute linen sheets “I spend a lot of time thinking about being in my bed, so when I get to actually lie in it, I want it to be an experience. These sheets are so delicious and are made sustainably. The subtle color is also really wonderful for my eyes to look at when I can’t be in it. haha!”
4. EM Kelly hoop earrings
“My Girlfriend Shawna got these beautiful hoops as a gift for me for Christmas from her designer friend who makes them. They give me that sort of modern day Sade but lighter-weight vibe.”
5. Noto ONO ONO Multi Benne stain “This is the perfect burnt peach hue with a subtle minty tingle. This color gives a beautiful healthy wash that can be applied on the cheeks, eyes, lips – making it very minimal and easy to use. The healing ingredients of jojoba oil and olive oil  to name two) make it super nourishing for your skin too. Skincare as makeup style.

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