Top 5: Frida Kamau, Founder, soko africanus

Frida, a Brooklynite who grew up in Kenya, lived in London and Oaxaca and studied painting at SCAD, is one of the coolest chicks I know. First of all, she’s super smart, artistically talented, and just plain nice. Then there’s her incredible eclectic effortless style — she mixes preppy tomboy stuff with traditional African pieces — that inspires me every time I see her. Frida not only has this amazing emporium filled with covetable finds from her hometown, but she also gets commissioned to do live installations for events, decorates interior and garden spaces, as well as concept-to-product development and curation and sourcing for commercial and private clients. Being a mom to the adorable Safi, she’s got more than a lot going on, so thank you, dear Frida for sharing all of this with us!


 1. Unrefined Shea butter “This is the most important part of my three-part skin regimen. Once a year I whip a pound of it plus food grade cold pressed coconut oil + virgin olive oil or avocado oil and (tocopherol) vitamin E then add some essential oils, usually African Amber and patchouli so I don’t smell edible! I keep it in the fridge and scoop from it into a smaller jar for daily use. I butter myself and my daughter, head to toe every day after showering, when sunbathing (yes,I do that) and after sunbathing. My skin is my largest organ and I avoid exposure to things I wouldn’t ingest. That and I keep a mostly ketogenic Paleo diet (part 3) and I believe it’s why I “don’t crack!” LOL .”
2. These Lace-up Boots: “Being flat-footed I’ve always prefered the fit of mens’ shoes and since I do a fair amount of walking, gardening and other “dirty work” they are perfect. No-slip soles, ankle support and warm for when I have to work outside in the cold. Aliexpress is a guilty pleasure I discovered while nursing my daughter and had lot’s of stationary time and I’ve never looked back. It’s my Amazon!”
3. Harney & Sons Kenya tea “I bring a couple kilos of CTC tea back every time I go home and it’s the only thing I ask family to bring/send me. I’ve been a bit of a tea snob since working at The Tea Room in Savannah while in college but this basic, everyday loose leave reminds me of home. It steeps well, is delicious with milk and sugar, with lemon and honey, with spices like ginger and clover and makes the best sun or iced tea. Kenya is the top exporter of tea FYI and I’m happy to help! Barney & Sons has a great selection to hold me over in between.”
4. soko africans turbans/headwraps: “Currently my favorite accessory. I have a good amount of textiles from all over that I love but could never fully enjoy until now. I feel like I have a crown/ halo when I wear them and it’s oddly empowering! Hashtag Queen!”
5. Druthers Socks: “Being from the tropics, nor’easter winters are rough and I usually get hardware store socks since they are very warm, but I recently got a pair of their boot socks and now pledge allegiance. They pair well with my work boots too, and are made in Japan from organic cotton.”



  • December 13, 2017


    Just purchased those socks – Thanks for the rec!
    I love your web store too.

    • December 14, 2017


      Awesome and thank you! xx

  • December 14, 2017


    I love those boots!

  • December 14, 2017


    She’s wonderful – great list!

  • December 14, 2017


    I immediately ordered shea butter and avocado oil–I can’t wait to try this, am completely desiccated by this cold NY weather . . .