Top 5: Dineh Mohajer, Founder, Smith & Cult


Dineh floral dress


Dineh is one of those rare geniuses who “stumbled” on success. While studying pre-med at the University of Southern California, she started procrastinating and futzing in the kitchen trying to mix fun nail colors. Well guess what? That’s how she started the wildly popular ’90s grunge staple line, Hard Candy. Remember that?? Years later Dineh launched her more grown-up, yet still super fun makeup line with a whole new slew of cool nail polish colors (the mascara and lip stain are both calling my name, too). Honestly, I really can’t wait to se what she comes up with next.


 1.  By Terry Tea to Tan Water Color Bronzer “Due to workaholism and an overall lack of boundaries, I rarely/never see the sun. I rely on this bronzer to feign vitamin D exposure and a sun-kissed glow.”
2. Rick Owens Hi-Tops “These leather  sneakers are the most elegant ones I have seen/owned. It’s almost an insult to call them sneakers.”
3.  Giorgio Armani’s Maestro Fusion Foundation “This is better than photoshop. Seriously.”
4.  Hermes Mosaique au 24 Platinum Square Plate “This  holds all my jewelry next to my bedside, but is also a perfect cradle for my retainer and late-night candy.”

Hermes Plate

5.  Smith & Cult’s Nailed Lacquer in Glass Souls “Despite building a career and life around nail lacquer, it’s embarrassing to admit my nails are often in a tragic state. I love this new addition to our collection, (large and small silver glitter particles suspended in a clear base), because it’s super simple and easy to look polished (pardon the pun) by adding a little glitter moon or a bit of glitter down the center of the nail. Also, it’s a creative/lazy way to hide chipped nails.”



  • April 19, 2017


    yessss! Glitter polish (or gold flakes) is my favorite way to hide my nail problems! Now I feel so official about it!!!

  • April 19, 2017

    firozé salimi

    Love All her picks! Genius design for her Nail Lacquer bottle, simple and Sophisticated.

  • April 19, 2017


    If her gorgeous skin is a result of the Maestro foundation, I am RUNNING to the beauty counter right now!!! And the hair too! Just gorgeous….