Top 5: Dalila Pasotti, Jewelry Designer


I first heard about Dalila, who was born and raised in Turin, Italy, from my friend Leigh who owns a pair of her incredible Radians Asymmetrical emerald earrings. Dalila actually has a degree in natural sciences, which makes sense because her whole collection is inspired by nature and astrophysics (!!!). She first got into designing jewelry just by making trinkets for herself and then kept going, expanding the collection into something more luxurious. The pieces all look like little modern sculptures to me (some even made of ceramic), without being overly trendy — think new heirlooms — there’s a chic deco-y vibe to a lot of them, but I am drooling over this simple chunky gold horsenail ring  which is just crying out for my pinky!  To make things even more interesting, Dalila is also a musician (singer. guitar and keyboard player to be exact) whose influences range from Nick Cave to Edith Piaf. Ok so we’ve established that she’s one cool person. Now let’s see what she loves.

 1. Papier d’Arménie “One of the most inspiring and delightful room perfumes ever. I light them especially when I’m in a creative mood and I carry them with me when I travel.”
2. “Artists’ Houses” and “Writers Houses”, Vendome Press. “Coffee table books that will make you dream and flow. I can’t stop going back to them to get inspired. The aesthetic and the environment where art is created is so important, so I’m obsessed with artists’ studios. A peek into where William Butler Yeats or Gustave Moreau made their masterpieces is priceless for the soul.”
3. Mariage Frères Milky Blue Tea. “It’s so unique, like eating a dessert. Harney & Sons makes a good version, too, called Milky Oolong.”
4. Dalila Pasotti Azimuth ring in black. I rarely leave the house without it, it feels so mysterious and powerful, chic and elegant, evoking the spirit of icons like Marlene Dietrich and Hedy Lamarr.”
5. Dr. Martens Bianca Smooth Boots: “Since they came out I’ve been wearing them so much…They are pointy which is what I love. I can cover them in clay at the studio, then with a quick wipe they are ready for going out. They look great under dresses and skirts too if I’m going to see a band, without mentioning how comfortable they are.”



  • October 11, 2017


    Gothic Sunshine!!!
    That Tea is everything!!!

  • October 11, 2017


    Those boots!!! Love! <3