Top 5: Beth Morgan, Costume Designer



Mike and I started watching Glow because Liz Flahive, a former co-worker at Lucky, created and wrote it. But then we became obsessed because it’s just so good. So I asked Liz if she would do a Top 5. She said sure,  but who you really want is Beth, the costume designer and I thought “OF COURSE! The costumes are GENIUS!” And I mean really genius like it almost made me jealous because I secretly would love to do costumes (I actually did for music videos in a past life, but I digress). She managed to get it so right for the eighties without overdoing it (which so many people do and it takes me right out of the moment). Every little detail from the rise on Alison Brie’s jeans to Marc Maron’s turquoise ring and watch are so spot on. Beth has also worked on other great shows like Last Man on Earth, Teachers and Key & Peele to name just three. So even though Liz will be doing one of these soon, here’s Beth. Yay!


 1. Diorshow Mascara in Azure Blue  “I’ve been wearing blue mascara for fifteen years. I have tried them all, and this is hands-down the best. It’s almost electric blue! The best part is it’s all you really have to do and you’ll look done up! For me the blue is a reminder of Van Gogh’s the starry night, and to try and view everything in my day through artist eyes.”
2.Madewell High Rise Skinny jeans “I  have four pairs of these jeans so I can wear them every day. I hem them to be cropped enough to see my ankle bone. The black makes them even more flattering. Between my sexy ankle bone and the long line the high-waist cut provides I feel unstoppable.”
3. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer  “I like to feel like my face is drenched when I put on my moisturizer. Kiehls does just that! Only kicker is you need to wait a little for it to soak in before putting on your make up. I like to have my breakfast in between! Who am I kidding, I usually check my Instagram.”
4. MCM Tote. “I have formed a habit of buying all the purses I couldn’t afford in high school. I started with the Polo black watch navy/hunter plaid. It will always pass the Kondo test of bringing me joy. But they are hard to come by so I have here another one of my faves — The MCM tote. The cognac color that works with every outfit, but gives you a more unique style than your typical tan.”


5. Joel Sternfeld’s Stranger Passing “I bought this book a long time ago at the Getty after attending an amazing photography show there. To me it captures people as their true self/mood in a way that inspires me. To me the lessons learned from Joel’s images of people he met on his journey across the country is to remember the imperfections in people. Especially when it comes to their outfits. Shiny, perfectly put-together outfits reflect a very small portion of the world. Most people actually look ‘real’.”



  • September 6, 2017


    Wow. Love this, especially #5.

  • September 6, 2017


    Can I ask about that amazing leopard jacket in the photo too? So great!

    • September 6, 2017


      She has revealed it is old Forever 21!

  • September 6, 2017


    Love the costumes on Glow! So perfect. Well done, Beth, and thank you for this Top 5!

  • September 6, 2017


    Beth Morgan is one of my Top 5!

  • September 6, 2017


    I agree. Glow is perfection. They can’t make another season fast enough for me! What’s great about the costumes is they never look..costume-y. (Well, except for the wrestling get-ups, of course). So many period shows and movies go way overboard and it’s distracting: every character wears all the trends all it once.
    Beth gets it just right.

  • September 7, 2017


    “All the purses I couldn’t afford in high school”

    Looks at shoes. Slowly raises hand.

    (And Glow is awesome. Costume wise – early 80s punk/new wave pizza boyfriend was perfect. And Maron’s god awful blouson shirts.)