Top 5: Audrey Louise Reynolds, Designer


Photo: Todd Selby

The first thing I want to say about Audrey, a super free-spirited, happy artistic person, is that she truly lights up the room when she walks in. Always smiling and always positive! Plus she makes beautiful, wearable  hand-dyed clothing in her space in Red Hook, Brooklyn by using healthy, sustainable dyes made from things like squid ink, flowers and coral. As she puts it,  “If we can absorb carcinogens and negative properties from chemically dyed clothes leading to illness then why couldn’t we infuse our clothes with colorful beneficial plant properties and absorb things that are good for us?” So well put! Here’s what she’s inspired by: the ocean, her boat, , and true friends. Audrey’s hope for the future is that we all have fewer things made with integrity. And I think we all need at least one of her one-of-a-kind tee shirts (if not two!) and maybe some cute organic socks and a couple of sweatshirts and a woolly hat

 1. Strangelove NYC Lost in Flowers Perfume Oil Necklace “I love this piece that my friend Helena made. I was around as she developed the smells and romantically got to go on the adventure of all the different versions until she created this perfect concoction of high-quality great smelling perfume. I like Dead of Night too.”
2. “L.L. Bean shearling-lined duck boots “My Northeast winter must-haves my entire life. They’re handcrafted in Maine, comfortable as fuck and they  have never left me wet or cold. I cant remember a winter when they weren’t on my feet. Its so fun supporting a real American company that crafts products with integrity and creates a lot of jobs while producing high quality timeless affordable things for all ages and all sexes.”
3. RMS Lip2cheek in Demure “RMS is only makeup I wear now . It’s an organic beauty line by a likeminded woman, Rose-Marie Swift. I care what I eat so why don’t I care what makeup I dermally absorb. RMS makes me not worried about that which makes wearing make up fun again and I had stopped for a long time. This convertible color is really all I need.”
4. No.6 Navy Faux Leather Pants “I want these blue pleather pants — not only would this purchase be supporting people I love but these pants are totally bad ass!”
5.  ALR tee shirts “I  live in my basics. I honestly can’t imagine my life without the tees and sweatsuits all made from responsible cotton and really amazing natural dye. Yes, I do want to fall asleep to Rachel Maddow covered in flowers to protect me from the day’s doom report.”



  • December 20, 2017


    Great one! I love the emphasis on local, organic, clean, American-made. It’s so good to get grounded in something/someone REAL, especially during this crazy shopping season. And priceless quote: “Yes, I do want to fall asleep to Rachel Maddow covered in flowers to protect me from the day’s doom report.” Amen!
    Merry, Merry, Happy, Happy!


  • December 21, 2017


    Those leather pants are so good – such a great change from tighter fitting black ones. Love the stuff she makes, too!