Top 5: Amy Abrams, Founder, Artists & Fleas


Here is Amy “drinking coffee in my kitchen wearing my green vintage Dior jumpsuit like I do every morning,” as she told me (kidding, of course). It’s kind of funny how we met because we were basically set up on a friend J Date. Our mutual pal Lenore, who runs the mind-blowing store Warm in NYC, was flabbergasted that we hadn’t met and insisted we go on a coffee date. So we did, and, she had a fresh-squeezed orange juice, I had a green tea and we blabbed and blabbed until we both had to go back to work. Truly, it was like having a camp reunion with my best bunk buddy. What can I say about Amy? She is adorable, beyond chic, completely unpretentious and funny as all get out.  So a little about her career: She founded In Good Company, which was a co-working and community space for women entrepreneurs in the Flatiron district of Manhattan, which she ran for nine years. Then she and her cute husband Ronen (fun fact: they met as a camp counselors — so good!) co-created Artists & Fleas, the wildly successful shopping experience (almost like my beloved Etsy, but live) that has taken over NYC (There’s one in Brooklyn, Chelsea Market and now Soho), Los Angeles and, well, look out world!  Take it away, Amy!


 1. Tiny Beautiful Things  “I have gifted this book to every woman that I love. It is such a wonderful collection of short advice columns by Cheryl Strayed. She is incredibly empathic and knows how to dish out seriously good advice. She is also hilarious. It is a book that will make you laugh and cry and you will also have a moment where you will totally and completely relate to someone in the book.”
2. Hot as Hell swimsuit top – This is really a game changer as you can wear it so many different ways and it looks good on many different shapes and sizes. Obviously, swimsuit shopping is a borderline torturous experience but I would say skip that whole process, buy this top (several coordinating bottoms available depending on your derrière coverage preferences) and get out to the beach!”
3. Davines Nounou shampoo  “While I try not to wash my hair more than 2 times a week since it looks better the dirtier it gets, I do love this shampoo. It smells amazing and many of the herbs are grown in a garden in Italy.”
4. Rayban aviator sunglasses – I started wearing these when I was sixteen years old. I am not going to lie – I was totally hooked when I saw Top Gun. The best thing about these glasses is that they are classic and totally chic and can elevate every outfit (including Sunday morning sweatpants at the dog park).”

5. Super Sparkle Screen “A girl who glitters has more fun” is pretty much my motto. I love to be at the beach but I am also vigilant about protecting my skin (and my kids’ skin) from the sun. This sunscreen is totally fun, comes in several colors and gives you just the right amount of sparkle!”




  • May 17, 2017


    For the love of the planet, please do not wear glitter sunscreen in the ocean.

    • May 17, 2017


      I agree, Christina. Check out for more info on keeping our oceans clean!

    • May 17, 2017

      Ita Darling

      Amen sister.

  • May 17, 2017


    Love the sunscreen. This vendor is way cheaper though than $50+ dollars at Amazon!

  • May 18, 2017


    60.00 for sunscreen marketed to kids? Yeah no. I will check out the book though 🙂