Top 5: Abra Boero, Owner, Off Season



We met through my friend Judi Rosen, who you might know as the woman who creates the sexiest jeans around and is designing the beachy-chic Off Season house line with Abra (I wore my Apolune Lounger while pregnant and plan on wearing it again all summer long, and don’t get me started on those JEANS!).  So Abra, who looks like a quintessential beach girl with a New York edge, has had a really cool long career in fashion. After stints at luxury brands like Chloe, Stella McCartney and Lanvin, she moved on to Adidas America. Then just like that she decided to pack up and move out to the Rockaways with her husband, a restaurateur, and open her genius vacation resort-inspired shop filled with organic beauty products, souvenir sweatshirts, stacks of luxurious Turkish towels, handmade sandals from Greece, and the infamous Rockaways “boobie mugs”. If you can, I strongly urge you to head out there and check it out (I dare you not to buy something, plus there’s a really good coffee place next door.) Abra’s already got the perfect lifestyle shop and now is working on a boutique hotel-inspired vacation rental upstairs. Can’t wait!


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1. In Fiore Calme Face Oil Concentre “Hands down the best face oil I have ever used. Living by the sea year round can be harsh, but this soothes and moisturizes even my driest skin with natural floral essences that are as nourishing as they are transporting.”
2. Cartier Just un Clou pink gold ring “This was my last extravagant purchase before leaving the world of corporate fashion and I wear it every day as a reminder of the work I put in all those years, and continue to put in now as my own boss. Being a woman period – you truly have to be tough as nails.”
3. Women Are Beautiful by Gary Winogrand  “An absolutely mesmerizing and inspiring photography book, each image is pure poetry and I can get lost in it for hours. It’s been on my pretty please present list for a few years now – someone remind my husband!”
4. OFF SEASON Apolune Lounger “We pretty much launched the label with this piece and it remains our most beloved to date. The most recent run was cut in a raw slub silk and I haven’t taken it off since slinking into it. And it has pockets – done.”


5. Good Body Products Lavender & Patchouli Solid Scent “Having a fragrance in balm form is perfect for the beach since it really stays on skin and hair. This one in particular is made lovingly by hand in Vermont and smells like the breezy, surfer chick you swear you would have been if only you were born in Southern California.”


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