The Edit: Zadig & Voltaire


I’ve always loved the French take on rock ‘n roll style and this line really nails it. It’s not exactly guilt-free, since most of the pieces are pretty pricey if you’re used to say, Mango. But some of this stuff is on sale and it’s not like you’d walk into the mall and find something like this crazy bananas floral jumpsuit that you could pull out for years and say “oh, this old thing?” Might seem hard to wear but just think of it as a long floral dress alternative and go with it. So good!!

You can’t have enough camis, for wearing alone layering under low tops or even over thin turtlenecks. How pretty is a lace trimmed turquoise version? So pretty, that’s how.
I know the tattoo artist Virginia Elwood personally, and not only is she great at what she does, she’s got really cute style. So cool that she did a little capsule collection for them. I would wear her printed scarf around my neck and as a pareo until it turned threadbare!
It’s the summer of the slipdress — slightly ’90s Kate Moss and just really easy. Here’s a pretty layered one. p.s. If you’d rather not showcase your arms, just throw in over a tee (even a striped sailor one).
I am a little nuts over this incredibly cool gold blazer. Picture it with a white button-down and jeans and it seems perfectly reasonable.
Zadig really knows how to do boots and these have a good rockstar vibe but look pretty comfortable for walking around all day, too.
A pretty pastel tie dye button-down is obviously more fun than a plain one. You can even tie it over a slip dress or wear it under a structured jacket.



  • July 10, 2017


    That scarf!
    Those boots!
    The gold blazer!!

  • July 10, 2017


    The gold blazer is killing me

  • July 12, 2017


    I’ve been obsessed with Z&V ever since discovering it in Paris and London years ago. Now I’m embarrassed to admit that probably half of my active wardrobe is theirs. The pants! The sweaters! The tops (3 camis…) and Tees! The skirts! The dresses! And of course, the boots, which yes, are totally cool and walkable. And best of all, you don’t see yourself coming and going. They host many very good sample sales in NYC throughout the year–that’s how I can afford to have Z&V taking up half my closet 😉