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This insanely inexpensive Behemoth of a site is almost impossible to navigate to cut through to the good stuff. There’s men’s women’s beauty, you name it, and they have every kind of style under the sun.  So it’s no surprise that it took me quite a while to break it down to one bohemian, summery theme, starting with this really pretty folksy dress. Cute now, — and, yes, I always say it — in the fall and winter with tights and booties.

sweet doily of a vest looks like an intricate Edwardian piece and would be really good over a white tank or tee or tied over a loose dress to give it a nice shape.
I’m super into macrame right now and this bag is such a great way to wear it. 


Everyone needs a pretty white nightie to futz around in or wear outside with a brown leather belt and flat sandals.
And a near-perfect espadrille-sandal hybrid that looks like something you picked up on vacation in Ibiza.
There are some pretty crazy bikinis on here but this one is understated and chic, and pretty much all ages-appropriate.
 And, lastly, a classic Indian-print maxi would make a great beach cover up.






  • June 13, 2017


    hmmmm….so did you actually order these items or are you just suggesting them because they look good? asking because well, there are a lot (and l mean a lot) of highly negative reviews of this site….and well, i’m suspious of a site that under about us doesn’t list who or where they are.
    but really cute pictures……

    • June 13, 2017


      I have not ordered them and I’m sure they’re not the highest quality judging from the prices. But for the money, they all look pretty cute to me!

  • June 14, 2017


    When prices are as low as this, I bet you workers are not paid fairly and I consider it highly likely child labour is involved. Personally, I try to avoid supporting shady businesses. But of course people should make their own choices. Even if you do pay top dollar, fair trade is not guaranteed.

  • July 7, 2017

    Jennifer Zinn

    Zara had that same exact embroidered blue dress last winter… I didn’t buy it because it didn’t look right on me. But I loved the design of it, so I took some photos, which I just compared this image to. I do not exaggerate when I say it’s identical. How interesting that one fast fashion company is now being knocked off by another such company…