The Edit: Gap


Here’s a place I run into every season just to see what’s happening. Right now they have some really solid pieces with a bit more of a point of view than usual (i.e. not just plain old basics). This caramel leather jacket is such a nice surprise, right?


A little flutter on the sides of this tee make it easy to dress up any jeans or army pants.
The Jogger Trousers are cooler, more comfortable pants for work or a little nicer bottom on the weekends. They’re even good with heels all dressed up.
Here’s a great French-girl pump to wear with baggy jeans, those Jogger Trousers and dresses.
The dresses are kind of all over the place (a spate of tee shirt styles and then some random feminine ones) This maxi is pretty spot on: great with knee-high boots or tights and high-heeled Mary Janes.
I saw some similar faded camo sweats in the Hamptons over the summer for about $200. This pair is actually better and only $49.95!
I keep looking at this pretty top, picturing it with my favorite Madewell Cali jeans. It gives a little something, but really is just as easy as wearing a plain white button-down.


  • September 11, 2017


    I feel like I wore that ruffle blouse for my Senior Picture in 1982. In teal. Bought from either Paul Harris or Contempt Casuals (RIP).

    If you wore it once…

  • September 11, 2017


    Ha, I’m with ya on that one. Generally speaking, I like the Gap. But aside from the plain white Ts, I find their merchandise a little juvenile. Sorry 🙁

  • September 11, 2017


    The leather jacket is great and so are the camo pants!