The Edit: French Connection


I haven’t really paid attention to this store since the last Edit back in October when I found some really good wintry things.  Now that it’s summer there isn’t as much excitement (warm-weather inventory is never as exciting in my opinion), but that doesn’t mean I haven’t found a few worth-it pieces like this pretty/romantic dress that can slip perfectly into fall/winter, too.

I love the ruffle top but would definitely style it tucked into high-waisted pants. p.s. it also comes in a pretty dress .
This knot belt is just so cool (I love the no-hardware aspect) and you can cinch it over a dress or through you jeans’ belt loops.
And here’s some good classic retro dorky-sexy jeans that would look perfect with that ruffle top.
A crisp white blazer is always a handy thing to have to pull things together in the summer, and a cute double-breasted one is now on sale!
It’s not leather, but this bottle-green satchel really looks like something and makes for a mighty a chic work bag.
pretty cotton floral and eyelet patchwork dress is what I would wear to a day wedding or even just on a hot day in the city.





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