The Edit: Banana Republic


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Is it just me or are people not so gung-ho about this place anymore? It’s worth another visit because A. They’ve done some cool collabs, like the one over Christmas with Greg Lauren (Ralph’s nephew) that was pretty amazing and B. They’re doing lots of un-Banana Republic pieces (meaning not so classic and office-y) Anyway, I’ve been paying attention again lately and like quite a bit that they have to offer.  For instance, this cute off-the-shoulder blouse is pretty cute in a very now way, don’t you think?

I have some old Margiela sandals that I love that are kind of like these, which would look great with little black socks.
My preconceived notion about BR is that maybe they’d just have some boring button-downs, but this cool puffy-sleeved shirt proves me way wrong.
For some reason I’ve been feeling classic menswear pants lately, and I was really happy to find these cute cropped ones. 
Think of a chic double breasted blazer as a fancier alternative to your regular jean jacket.
I love any kind of pouch to keep things organized in a bigger tote. And this really good suede one is under $60!!
A bright pink tee is the kind of fun thing we could all use for spring/summer.
And this bracelet is basically a pretty spot-on ode to Hèrmes.





  • March 20, 2017


    Love the pink tee!

    I was in merchandising for them then I shopped BR for years for business casual office clothes. I stopped. Too much fashion-y stuff that isn’t that fashion and not enough practical-but-fun. What I hear from my fellow office mates (in my extremely recently conducted informal poll) is that they don’t make enough stuff for the 30-something professionals that they used to cultivate. I still buy tees and cardigans there, but not much else.

  • March 20, 2017


    I’m not sure what happened, but it’s just not a go-to for me anymore. Cute top, tho.

  • March 20, 2017


    I’ve tried to shop there a handful times in the past few years and something just isn’t right for me anymore. I used to wear mainly BR for work attire (>50% of my pieces were BR) and now I can’t find any pieces I like enough to purchase. IMO the quality/fit is not as good and some items are just too “busy”. BR is not alone in this, Ann Taylor is also now a no go for me for classic pieces. JCrew’s styles and quality are one of the few petite retailers that I’ve purchased classic pieces at recently. I do think the casual dress evolution of American style has been challenging for some retailers but even if one is dressed casually we still may need some classic tailored pieces that are not too trendy and fit well (a black blazer).

  • March 21, 2017


    Everyone once in while I find a cute sweater there.
    But somehow even when a piece has potential it’s kinda off.
    Either the cut is dated or the fabric is a turnoff..
    Let a silk dress be silk.. not rayon. Not a fan of that office wear rayon vibe that seems to be in constant use.
    It’s almost good! That said, I do like those pants.
    Might just try them on:)

    • March 21, 2017


      Fully agree — so much rayon. Ick.

  • March 28, 2017


    So much bad fabric, bad cuts. I need “officey” clothes, as do most women, and clothing that has some body, some tailoring – cut for a non straight figure. So, I stopped going. Nothing here makes me want to go back. I buy the odd merino or cotton cardigan and that’s about it. They even ruined their once perfect white cotton basic t’s.

    I hate that clingy rayon poly fabric everyone uses to avoid having to fit a garment properly. Crap fabric always looks like crap.