The Edit: AllSaints


I really did go pretty ga-ga over this place when they first came here and had a huge shop on Robertson in L.A. (“How in the hell did they find all those old sewing machines?” was my first thought when I gazed at the crazy window displays) Back then it felt so new and edgy and fresh. And then it quickly didn’t. For a long time. But a recent perusal had me pleasantly surprised. Things seem more wearable and modern and sleek. For instance, a classic biker jacket in a chic gray-blue would make anyone happy for a long, long time. I would be extra into it after years of loving wear, too.


A plain striped tee becomes way more exciting when the hem is a tad short and the sleeves are little bells.
Engineer boots in a streamlined shape and pretty gray suede are now specially priced.Yay!
A Victorian-ish dress feels really new and is anything but dowdy, despite the high collar and ruffle hem.
I am pretty crazy about this hockey jersey.It’s got such a cute shrunken shape and would look perfect with leather pants, jeans or even nice trousers.
The black on black embroidery on the hem of these cropped jeans creates just enough excitement without feeling too young or too much.
 A slightly ’80s-style western ankle boot feels very French Vogue-editor in that Isabel Marant kind of way.

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  • August 7, 2017


    Cool choices…especially the leather jacket, striped tee and booties. All Saints has always struck me as a slightly too expensive chain store. And I remember when they first opened in the US and they had such a different aesthetic.