Suddenly, Plaid Shirts



I am wanting to wear different iterations of these lately, and with everything. How cool does this black, white and red button-down look with classic tartan trousers? Ok, none of us would probably do that, but picture it with all denim or under a nice blazer. And they’re good for any mood — preppy, punky, grunge.

Here’s a nice flowier one with a small collar, little puffed shoulders and extra-long cuffs.
I love the faded gray on this flannel shirt — very I’ve-had-this-since-college-and-I-don’t-even-know-where-it-came-from.
This summery ruffled number would be great under a cardigan or with a slim-fitting thin turtleneck underneath.
The red is so faded it looks like soft old pajamas (in a really good way).  I would love it under a tweed blazer with skinny dark jeans.
The classic plaid mixed with almost-nerdy ruffle trim makes for a winning combination.
The cute ruffly cuffs add a little witchy drama to an otherwise classic dark gray and black shirt.

This cute one almost has a peasant top vibe.


A cool “fade” looks like a 1950s vintage score but without the stains and holes.

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  • November 13, 2017


    I’m pretty sure I remember my Grandpa wearing a plaid flannel shirt almost identical to the last one. I’d get it just to feel like I had him back! (I was his favorite! 🙂 )