Sakiko, Art Buyer

She reminds me of Charlotte Gainsbourg with her cute (but not overly) Parisian sensibility

  • Hometown: Paramus, N.J.
  • Self-described style: All over the place – “I grab my favorite pieces. Usually jeans or dresses. I like to wear my summer dresses all throughout the year and just layer!”
  • Beauty secrets: “I never leave the house without Great Lash Mascara — and Egyptian Magic, especially during the winter. Also, Yes to Carrots Cucumber
  • Latest obsession: Perfume that smells like tobacco and bubblegum called Etat Libre Encens et Bubblegum and Satomi Kawakita’s hexagon diamond ring. I love the vintage, grandmother’s-hand-me-down feel — It would be great to wear every day.”












The right striped sailor tee will never, ever lead you in the wrong direction.


































Her blue leopard cardigan looks so right in its unmatchiness next to the stripes.










I love a good vintagey denim skirt.



















Little suede ankle boots are perfect for hectic city life, and happen to go with a multitude of things.


Photo: Michael Waring

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