Party Tops For Every Mood


It’s getting to be that time when the holiday festivities start popping up. For those of us who would rather skip the fancy dress and be comfortable, I say wear your usual jeans, leather pants or trousers (or, hell, even overalls!) and throw on a fun top that says “I’m ready to party”. So let’s begin with a kind of kooky-yet-chic sequined sweater that will never let you be mistaken for a wallflower.



I’m secretly into s classic Christmas-y tartan because it reminds me of old-school ’70s hostesses in long skirts. This cute tiered number in said plaid is easy and swingy and fun!
How about a fun fringe top to shimmy and shake in?
Anna Sui’s sweet Victorian blouse has a cool late ’60s I’m-with-the-band vibe.
This beautiful vintage-y lace top has a romantic delicate feel. I’m thinking it could add a little something when worn over my favorite simple black slip.
A silver sequined cross-over top has a sexy disco thing going on and is just screaming for some black high-waist jeans or tuxedo pants.
For those of you who prefer a Joni-Mitchell-hanging-by-the-fire look, here’s a pretty floral number.


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