Orange Really is my New Black




I rarely do bright colors save for the occasional jewel-toned Indian summer top or something, but I recently spotted a vintage neon orange flannel hunting shirt at Assembly and quickly made it mine. That one shirt sent me down the rabbit hole (I even made Mike get bright orange Patagonia jacket). I mean how cute is this J. Crew coat? It would be just fine in black or camel, but in this bright and sunny shade, it almost makes the cold weather bearable, plus it’s on sale!


Super bright running  sneakers would look so cool with just all black or gray.
This cropped little sweater would brighten up a pair of super dark or faded jeans.
little purse/wallet provides a nice shock of color without having to actually wear it. And the wrist strap is so handy!
This punchy-yet-classic scarf is screaming for a denim jacket or classic menswear coat.
I never thought I would ever entertain wearing a pair of tangerine pants, but suddenly these seem like a great idea.
And a classic wool cap provides a little sunshine, even on a cold and cloudy day.
Here’s another sweater — a perfect everyday V-neck in a super fun shade (and now it’s just under $60).





  • February 16, 2017

    Maggie Krol

    I love the selection and the color just pops! One of my favorites right now. I have a baseball cap in this color and it’s defiantly a conversation starter.

    Great post & blog. I look forward to returning for more 🙂

    Xoxo, Maggie

  • February 16, 2017


    Unless you’re a red head whose hair tends more to the “orange” side of the spectrum versus “red”. Hermes is one of my favorites, and I love nothing more than to receive an orange box wrapped in brown ribbon, but unfortunately, I just can not wear the signature color. Maybe I’ll color my hair strawberry blonde at some point; in that case, I will consider donning orange!

  • February 19, 2017


    This is my whole thing with bright colors – they’re very life-affirming, especially in the middle of winter (and esepcially right now). Orange is probably my all-time fave!