Top 5: Monica Botkier, Founder, Botkier


If you don’t remember the first Botkier Trigger bag then you’re just not a real bag person.Everyone had it. And I mean everyone. It was the only thing to carry back in 2003, when it immediately reached cult status, and that’s why they call it the bag that launched an industry. Monica actually started as a photographer, until she sketched this very dream bag and the rest is history as they say. Of course now she is a full-fledged major player in the accessories game, with a whole slew of covetable shoes and boots too. And I am thrilled to say she interviewed me for her beautiful new book, Handbags A Love Story, (I’m proudly on page 167!) that just dropped yesterday. It’s a coffee table tome filled with gorgeous photos of iconic bags, interviews and cool street and fashion shots and I can’t wait to savor every page!


 1. Uniqlo cashmere crewneck sweater “I have a cashmere addiction and have this in like every color they make. It’s good quality and well-priced. I am always cold and layer up as much as I can so I pair these with skirts, jeans, under blazers. Cashmere sweaters are perfect for the office or dinner and drinks after work, even weekend casual. You can basically never go wrong. Crew necks are my preferred shape as they are slim and work well with everything. I like to wear my long vintage necklace with it. It makes me feel classic and cozy at the same time.”
2. Dr. Axe Multi Collagen Protein “This saved my nails, literally. They started looking really dry and splitting. Totally weak and getting ridges. I wondered if this is something that happens after you turn 40 so I stopped wearing any nail polish that wasn’t free of chemicals. Gels were the worst, they covered my nails but dehydrated them further. Then my sister turned me on to collagen in my morning smoothies and almost overnight my nails became strong, smooth and resilient. Usually I never have the patience for things to work and with this it was so instant I didn’t have to.”
3.The Arrivals moto jacket  “They just opened a popup shop in Soho near my first ever office on Crosby, actually what used be my parking garage back in the day. Their moto jacket in wine in otherworldly, I’m obsessed and want one! I have visited and tried it on a few times. It is on my list for gifts for myself. I love the deep color and the collar. It’s perfect for wearing over a cashmere sweater for the short-but-sweet autumn we get in New York. It is a badass but luxe jacket that I need in my moto jacket collection. Working on it!”
4. Botkier Cobble Hill Cross Body “I founded Botkier on the notion of moving seamlessly and effortless from my NYC day to night. One of my biggest pet peeves was fumbling on the deli line while looking for my wallet and then my keys. Basically I wanted organization which meant freedom from my bag. That and in those days I would go out on work appointments as a fashion photographer and wind up out to dinner, even possibly in a club later that night. I needed to be chic but sensible. This bag is my new favorite, the Cobble Hill. I actually live in Fort Greene but Cobble Hill is one of my favorite Brooklyn neighborhoods. This bag is structured and comes with a sporty strap for hands-free living.”
5. Mara Hoffman Grace Jumpsuit. “Mara and I have been friends for 20 years. I love what she does and have been a fan from the beginning, she’s amazing! This jumpsuit is the answer to my prayers. Comfortable and forgiving but fierce with a pair of heels and maybe a blazer. I can’t say enough about dressing in a one piece. The only down side is when you have to strip down to use the bathroom but the look is so good and so easy. I love the relaxed fit on this jumpsuit which lends itself to all kinds of occasions and dresses up beautifully.”



  • November 15, 2017


    Finally someone speaks the truth about using the facilities while wearing a jumpsuit!

  • November 15, 2017


    She’s gorgeous! I remember wanting one of her bags so badly in the early 2000’s but it was out of reach to me. And that wine colored leather jacket is to die for!