Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide


So last week I did the edit on Nordstrom. This week they’ve asked me to pull some Mother’s Day gifts from the site and of course I said yes, because like I said, Nordstrom is on fire right now. I actually had trouble paring it all down to just these and I, for one, sure wouldn’t mind looking at this little jewelry dish every morning on my nightstand. Now for some more goodies for mom (or you, or whomever, really). p.s. since this is in the eleventh hour, make sure you choose the “pick up in store” option. Or if there’s no store near you, just wait a few days since this stuff is all so good, who would care if it came after Sunday?


Nordstrom’s jewelry buyers definitely know what they’re doing! Case in point: a perfect little 18kt white gold and diamond initial necklace that’s under $500.


A classic French candle that is universally loved, this is what Agnes B. used to smell like back in the day and I still get happy every time its scent of black currant and rose fills the air.
Every stove looks a little homier and more European and just plain cuter with a Le Creuset kettle perched on top.
Who doesn’t love the intoxicating products from Aesop? So here’s a great little sampler/travel kit to make any trip a little more glamorous.
A mom needs a little oomph in her wardrobe and a Comme Des Garcons Play tee is just the kind of thing to get her there — just picture it under a structured blazer. Fun, right?
The ideal, sexy beach necklace is a simple little keshi pearl, and this one comes all packaged with a sweet card and sentiment.
I saw a super minimalist-chic woman in L.A. carrying this tote and it made me want it really badly. I’d say any mom who lugs more than just her phone and keys around would be thrilled to own it too!





  • May 11, 2017


    I’m officially announcing to my family that I want the tea kettle, the Diptyque candle and the Aesop set. 😉

    …and a massage!

  • May 11, 2017


    I work in mid town Manhattan and see those quilted MZ Wallace bags all the time. They are very very popular!

    • May 11, 2017


      I know. Looked totally cool on the woman in L.A. 😉