A Handful of Pretty Lace Tops


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I hope every one of you had a great International Women’s Day and Day Without a Woman yesterday and kept the shopping, if you really had to, just to small women-owned businesses (or even big women-owned businesses, actually). Today I bring you some pretty, lacy excitement tops starting with this updated Victorian number from Reformation (incidentally, another female-owned company!)


A white tee shirt is the perfect everyday basic. A white tee shirt with some sweet lace trim is ready for a party.
There’s something super romantic and spicy about a red lace blouse. This one would be especially cute with some high-waist jeans.
A black lace high-neck top can be worn super serious and fancy or just with some beat-up baggy  jeans. Wear a simple cami underneath or even an old concert shirt.
Worn under a blazer, Topshop’s pretty pink shell is just the kind of thing that could make a boring work day a little more fun.
This fun one from Mango has a dramatic “plunging” neckline with strategically placed ruffles on the side.





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