Flowers Flowers Everywhere!


It’s kind of a joke among editors — “it’s fall! Corduroy and plaid are HUGE!” and “Just saw the spring shows — floral is big!” I mean it’s like this every single season. But, I have to say, there are a lot of cute flowery things right now — maybe more than usual, or maybe I’m just feeling them more. Mango’s sweet electric-pink ruffle top would soften up jeans pretty nicely. The matching skirt would be cute with just a white tee, and of course when you put them together you have yourself a perfect little floral dress.

A pair of sporty sweat-type pants look super fresh when they’re spattered with bouquets. So good with a strappy heel and simple top.
I am a little crazy for this blouse that I’m pretty sure I would wear in maximum rotation starting now and ending never.
Pretty tiny-floral laces turn a plain flat espadrille into a party.
Here’s another sporty piece taken over by an explosion of flowers. I rarely do sporty but this is tempting!
I know I recently waxed poetic about my  groovy new Indian hand-blocked shower curtain, BUT I am now feeling a little fickle and wanting this happy one.
Hanky Panky does a great boyshort. So smart of them to come out with a fun blooming version. These would be a nice touch in the dead of winter, don’t you think?
Lastly, I bring you an Oriental-inspired clutch from Mango. Use it at night or fill it with your essentials and tuck it into your work bag during the day.


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