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​Not sure why but I’ve never really been into faux fur because it just looks so oddly artificial (unless it’s supposed to look like a stuffed animal or something). But there’s been a switch and I actually love most of it now. This glamorous photo that I found on Pinterest kind of kick-started the whole post (the sweatshirt underneath makes the whole thing!) Some of these jackets are ’40s movie-star glam while others are a bit more tongue in cheek, but they’re all fluffy and cozy and kind of fun.

Topshop’s “chubby”is part rock star, part old movie queen and would be so, so cute with just some jeans.
Here’s a kooky (in a good way) purple shaggy “lamb” number that is screaming for jeans but would also work over s gown at a fancy wedding.
Leopard coats will never, ever be passé and this one is really good with a nice, simple shape. 
I love H&M’s pinkish coat because it’s just fluffy enough and the color could go fun or classic (or a little bit of both).
Topshop’s biker-y jacket is of the sheared variety and is a little more sleek.
Astrakhan is a serious word that is really only used in fashion show notes but this faux yellow astrakhan (sheep) jacket is just so much fun, right? And I love the navy, too.



  • October 5, 2017


    This fake news is the best fake news, believe me! Just terrific!

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      You! 🙂

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    There’s a beautiful red fake fur jacket at Sezane that looks like it came from the infamous YSL 1971 “40s” collection that freaked everyone out back in the day. It is excellent old school French lady style — more Arletty than Jane Birkin, if you get my drift. It’s already at the Elizabeth street shop if you want to check it out. Also, being 5″2, it’s the only fake fur I’ve tried on in the past few weeks that works for my frame and height.

    No direct link, but it can be seen here:

  • October 5, 2017

    Lois Joy Johnson

    Love the Theory fake leopard. I’m inspired to dig out my fake leopard coat from La Maison de La Fausse Fourroure ( remember that shop! ). Unfortunately gave the matching bag to my older daughter who is holding it hostage.