Best of the Week: Nordstrom-Anniversary-Sale Edition 7/21/17


I usually don’t do this but I couldn’t resist when Nordstrom asked me to curate their big sale so I could sift through and find the best pieces for you (and, let’s face it, me). And it’s not all the dribs and drabs from summer — there’s so much stuff for fall, which, yes — I am already thinking about even as I don’t want so much as a piece of cotton gaze touching me right now. I am going to lead with — and hear me out — a leather bustier thing. Why? Because it is so intriguing and I am going to guess that none of us has anything like it. I am into it over a slipdress or turtleneck or anything floaty and hippie-ish that could use a little shape, because why not??

Look how classically cool and feminine this skirt is. I would love it with ankle socks and high-heeled Maryjanes, but it makes a great work piece, too.


For some reason I really want white boots right now and this pair is kind of perfect (rock ‘n roll-y without being too “young”)


The slice up the front leg really makes Frame’s high-waist jeans a little more fun, right?
 In the fashion world, it’s not to early to think about a fall coat (and I write this as I schvitz all over my keyboard in my 90 degree apartment). So how about this throw-over-everything wool and cashmere number for breezy September days?
 It’s not often that something as classic as a pair of diamond studs goes on sale! And it’s not often that Kwiat, the cream of the crop of diamonds goes on sale. Jump, ladies!
 I didn’t know that I needed a sexy/pretty floral dress until now — it’s so not frou frou and completely cool and I kind of have to have it!
 I’ve been wearing velvet blazers for years. Nothing else quite pulls it all together and they really just look so good with everything from beat-up jeans to satin trousers. This one from Alice & Olivia could take you through many, many situations and seasons.
 Who knew that floral boots could be so cool? Picture them with skinny pants and a fitted blazer for a somewhat dressed-up rock star vibe à la Marianne Faithfull.
 I’m into how plain and untrendy this little leather bomber is. It almost looks vintage and would look great over so many things, even as an “indoor” jacket.



  • July 21, 2017

    Emily M.

    I also love a velvet blazer, and that shade of navy is perfect.

  • July 21, 2017


    The skirt actually looks comfy (something I never expect with “dressy” skirts), and the boots (both pairs) are freakin’ cool!

    Re: The slit up the front of the Frame jeans….A group of young designers sit around a table: “So what is possibly left to do with jeans that hasn’t been done already?”
    “How about a step cutout?”
    “Nope. We’ve tried that.”
    “Frayed bottoms?”
    “Been there, done that.”
    “I’ve got it!!! A slit up the front of the leg! And if you get bored, you can just keep tearing it further and further and…Voila! We’ll call them Angelina Jolie’s left leg jeans!”
    “Brilliant!” 😉

  • July 21, 2017


    You found interesting things at the Nordstrom sale! I knew you would.
    This is good stuff.

  • July 21, 2017


    So let me tell ya that I tried all of these items on last week. Here’s what I found:

    – leather bustier – super cute, nice quality, but a nightmare on. It needs to be renamed the ‘muffin top maker.’
    – pleated skirt – cute, but quality is definitely lacking
    – jeans – oh my, these are silly. Honestly, I saw several people try these on and they were highly unflattering on everyone.
    – boots – I wanted to get these, but I think we’ll see this coming and going on everyone this fall

    I’d highly recommend the Mackage leather jacket.

  • July 24, 2017


    Does everybody already own the Army Green with floral liner Barbour Wytherstone rain coat? because I wanted it for the last 2 years, (during the drought in CA) and then it was on N’s presale, but I can’t find my card so I have no idea what my card number is, AND then it SOLD OUT day 1 of the everybody welcome sale.

    Just keep listening to the minimalists…keep listening.