Best of the Week: 8/4/17


Today I am dreaming a teensy bit of fall, and what says fall better than a pair of great leather pants? This pair from Mango has such a good cut and a cute cropped kick flare. Here’s what else I bought or really, really want…

I took Jean Godfrey June’s advice when she raved about Olio E Osso Balm on this very site. She swears by No.2 (French Melon) which has an Emperor’s new makeup effect (read it barely shows, which I like). I went for No.3, Crimson which shows a little more and really makes me glow.
Another fall pick is this slightly ’80s retro trench that would make anything you’re wearing look perfectly French.
I recently traded in my usual Clark Kent-type readers for some groovy aviators and I feel way cooler. It’s the little things…
And lastly, I am way in the mood for a free-form silver ring like this.  Feels very mid-century modern-chic and is so good mixed in with gold.



  • August 4, 2017

    Emily M.

    I love those cropped leather pants.

    Years ago, in a thrift store, I found a pair of Versace black leather pants that fit me perfectly, but were just a little too short. I wore them anyway because they were a thrift store miracle. I still have them, they still look great, and now that length is all the rage! I think I might wear them every day this fall.

  • August 4, 2017


    I totally went for Jean’s recommendation of Olio E Osso’s French Melon. It’s a little too creamy for my skin right now, but give it a month and it’ll work.

    Love the ring! The shop should be called “Ten Thousand Things I Want Right NOW!!!” 😉