Best of the Week 7/15/16



Happy Friday! Here is a list of everything I am reaching for right now, starting with my crazy suede-fringed basket carry-all that at first glance is a cool European summer (or even winter, actually) tote or some kind of fluffy dog, depending on how you look at it.



My husband just ordered this 18k bindi drop necklace for me (nice, right?!) — okay, because I’ve been sending hinty text messages of the url. It’s made by my cool college friend Julie, who incidentally is in my book I Want to Be Her! You can pick from 7 cord colors which all have some kind of chakra meaning. I went for indigo because I love the color, but the meaning isn’t bad either. It represents the 5th chakra- Vishuddha, the throat center which symbolizes inner truth, pure communication, wisdom, inspiration and higher consciousness. I think I will probably never take it off.
Vintage Levi’s are all the rage and it seems like people will pay a fortune for them (just check out some of the the prices on Etsy!) Urban Outfitters’ Urban Renewal is doing them for $69. I ordered a couple of pairs to see which fit best because they all vary.
We’ve been dining al fresco lately, what with the new baby and all, and Mike and I were getting eaten alive (bugs have always loved me — don’t worry — little Gino is always under a lovely mosquito net). These Superbands have saved us! I just pop one on my ankle since that’s where I always seem to get bitten. We throw one on the stroller, too and our dinner  stays bite-free.
I finally caved and ordered Glossier’s wildly popular Balm Dotcom. You can use it on cheek bones, lips (of course) and eye lids, for a nice sheen-y glow.



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  • July 17, 2016


    The mosquito band sounds like a worthwhile find! I’d buy a case of them if I still lived in Wisconsin where mosquitoes are the state bird.

    The bindi drop necklace is beautiful. Lucky you!