Best of the Week 7/14/17


As I trudged through the pea-soup thick air in Downtown New York city, I thought of a few things I think we all could use to keep our minds off our sweaty brows and frizzy hair. For starters, I scored a brand new natural Il Bisonte wallet which is just so much fun to break in as it goes from almost pinkish to a deep, rich brown. So good!

 I’ve been kicking around the house in some old-school-cool brown Hawaiian rubber slides which are beyond comfortable. I had no idea they came in so many fun colors and now I want the cute navy blue or white. They’re great for outdoors too, of course.
I’m addicted to Little Barn Apothecary’s Coconut and Pear spray (I even spritz it on my baby!) and now I really want to try the Coconut and Mint one which seems like a perfect refresher on a disgustingly hot day.


There’s something just so perfectly seventies about a strappy bodysuit, and this one  would be so good with loose jeans, a wrap skirt of under a man-size  button-down.
Last week I bought a vintage Peruvian belt and I can’t stop wearing it with jeans, army pants and over overalls. It’s my new favorite thing! You can get a similar one here.



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    Thank you for the love! Our favorite wallet! — There’s also a 15% discount for new email signups at JDR! : )

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    JANDALS!!! My daughter swears by these…her Jesus sandals…which her friends think is hilarious since she’s a PK. (Preacher’s kid 😉 )

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    i love the belts! how do you clasp/tie them on ? do yours have a closure? xoxo otis’s mommy

    • July 17, 2017


      You just tie them! No closure. xx

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    ordering now. thank u!

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