Best of the Week 7/07/17


I hope everyone had a great fourth! While I was away and puttering around, of course I found some purchase-worthy things. And the other night, during a rabbit-hole internet search, I stumbled across this pretty stellar ’80s-style bright green leather jacket which almost makes me long for fall weather (but not quite).

My friends and I used to keep our money in these little Guatemalan purses. Then my friend Anne gave me one the other day and I’m so into it for change or my laundry card.
My friend Aly was wearing a really good olive bikini at the pool and it turned out to be this very top and bottom from Vince Camuto.

We stopped into one of my favorite shops, Equator Antiques in West Stockbridge, Mass. where Robin, the owner, displays all her cool Native American and other ethnic finds from jewelry to bags and dresses — such a great eye. I picked up a near perfect strand of 1950’s rolled turquoise beads almost exactly like this one, and it looks so good with gold (or silver, of course).
Just to throw in something to break up the blue/green theme, I bring you Essie’s Bond With Whomever which is a pretty lavender that I spotted on a neighbor. I was so psyched that she actually remembered the name which is just too good and possibly the oddest Essie name ever (unless you know a better one, please do share).



  • July 7, 2017


    Great finds this week but the jacket…not sure I’m there yet. How would you style it?

    • July 7, 2017


      White tee and my Dree Moto jeans (or any jeans, really) from yesterday!

  • July 7, 2017


    That jacket would look amazeballs on you. And I do not use the term amazeballs lightly! 😉 Also, I appreciate Essie’s attention to grammar (who even says whom-anything anymore?!). Nicely done, Essie. Nicely done.