Best of the Week





Today I am obsessed with quite  a few things, starting with my new teeny tiny baby Iconery gold nameplate necklace. I would have shot it on myself, but it’s so small you wouldn’t be able to see the detail! It’s just so cute and looks perfect layered with all my other pieces. And then there’s this other stuff.

I wrote about “Magnificent Boots” in black a while back and now I’m super into the brown and tan ones. So good with faded blue or black jeans!
I downloaded the The Little Book of Skin Care, which is by the founder of the excellent and addictive beauty site Sokoglam. It’s all about how the Koreans keep their skin glowing and perfect and I’m all over it.
Summer is coming and I’m craving a wristful of Ten Thousand Things luxe hippie bracelets and I would be happy to start with this one.
Because of my newfound obsession with Korean skincare, I started using SK-II Midday Essence, (they’re all about the essences!) which is based on the miracle that is pitera, which is supposed to have crazy-amazing effects on skin.




  • February 19, 2016


    I’m obsessed with those boots!

  • February 20, 2016


    Nice necklace 🙂
    Maria V.

  • February 24, 2016


    My daughter wants the necklace…good thing her birthday is coming up. And I still want those boots or a reasonable facsimile.