Best of the Week 4/14/17




Today I am excited to share the latest piece in Michelle Branch’s Iconery collection — her chunky Hopeless Romantic ring, a classic signet inscribed with the sweet sentiment that’s also the title of her new album. Plus, once it gets a good patina, it will be the kind of thing that looks like an heirloom. And here’s the rest of the list. Have a great weekend! xx


This is such an amazing idea: an authentic-looking espadrille that’s completely waterproof.  I like the slingback, but there are also these cute slip-ons. I hate going in the water with all that rocky, slippery mess and I am not a fan of dorky water shoes. These are perfect and can be kept on way after you leave the beach.
I spotted Charlotte Gainsbourg (for the third time in my life!) on Lafayette Street the other day and whipped my head around like a lunatic to see what she was wearing. Answer: a long, flowy trench, rolled up dark pants, Stan Smiths and a Greek fisherman cap just like this one.
Ryan McGinley’s new book focuses on his early work from 1998-2003 and is filled with many previously unpublished polaroids of his friends and muses, including Dash Snow, Dan Colen and Leo Fitzpatrick. It’s raw and beautiful and important and it looks cool on my coffee table!
The spring weather is making me want a cute new everyday tote. This charming vintage South American one would be perfect with a kicky summer skirt or plain jeans and a tee.




  • April 14, 2017



  • April 14, 2017


    That espadrille is my dream come true!!!!

  • April 14, 2017


    You will totally think this is awful but the espedrilles reminded me – I just got a few pairs of Birkenstocks made from EVA, which I’m calling Birkencrocs, and they are AWESOME. Super ugly, but totally waterproof, super cheap and the colors are really fun. I know, I know. I’m going to the innermost circle of style Hell.