Best of the Week: 2/2/18

So Punxsutawney Phil (yes, I have to look up that spelling every year) predicts another six weeks of winter. Whatever, there are always six weeks more of winter at this point. Have you ever headed to the beach in March? Anyway, I plan on staying cozy under my just-romantic-enough new crochet-trim duvet cover and the matching pillowcases that really look and feel like old French linens.

My husband’s parents came to town last week and we celebrated a late Christmas. My mother-in-law gave me this black charcoal cleanser and now I’m hooked. It’s so rich and creamy and foams up perfectly, making skin feel squeaky clean but moisturized.
I finally got the Red Wing boots that I’ve been obsessing over. They look so cute with just about everything and I plan on spending the next couple of weeks breaking them in.
I can’t stop sniffing this honeysuckle soap that smells like a simple, happy scent from my childhood. If you get it you’ll know what I mean.
Check out this stellar Corona Baja hoodie straight from the closet of the none other than the peerless Brianna Lance. Wear it under a puffer now and on the beach later. So good!


  • Reply February 2, 2018

    Beth Forencich

    I’ve been eyeing a linen and lace duvet cover on Etsy by Mooshop in Latvia. Something that would really be an heirloom. Check it out.

  • Reply February 5, 2018

    Ita Darling

    I have used (and loved) that Boscia fave wash. Tip! You can use it as a mask! I read about it on a blog years ago (or maybe it was in a review?) – but basically you dampen your face EVER so slightly and put a layer of the face wash on and let it sit for however long you want. It feels great.

    I know they also sell a similar mask – but do try it.

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