Best of the Week: 11/10/17

I just got back from Calgary, where I found so much excitement at the Chinook Mall. For some unknown reason I went super crazy over these striped GAP sweater leggings and maybe it’s because they remind me of something that would have been a real hit around Christmas time during my youth? Anyway, I had to have them.
I have recently rediscovered my deliciously cozy Kuhl jacket that I put on as soon as I wake up. It’s got two deep front pockets and is the warmest thing I have ever worn.
Every time my gorgeous eighteen-year old niece sends me a Snap Chat selfie with her lush brows and insanely long lashes, I am reminded how anemic mine are. So I am putting a lot of hope into this eyelash/brow serum which I am going to order asap!
And all of a sudden I want to wear classic Timberlands with everything.
Now that sallow skin season has officially started I am stocking up on this miracle Clarins self-tanner, which incidentally, I picked up at the Nordstrom at the Chinook Mall!


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  • November 10, 2017


    I live in Calgary, and was one of the folks who commented on your footwear in your IG sledding photo (out of awe!!! Once the snow hits anything with heels pretty much gets stashed under my desk). Not sure what you were doing here, but next time you’re in town I would love to tell you about some great boutiques in town you might like!! Have been inspired by your style for many, many years