Best of the Week: 1/26/18

I can’t stop thinking about my new slouchy sailor jeans that fit way differently than my vintage high-waisted ones. These are a little cropped and hang so perfectly loose. Plus they’re super thin so just right for spring and summer — praying for a mid-winter heat wave! They’re hardly cheap but I’m figuring with the cost-per-wear they will pay for themselves in no time.


I’m also excited about my re-purposed Louis Vuitton Phone case and  feel a little retro-glam every time I pull it out.
Recently my mother so generously gave me her late ’70s Cartier tank watch and now I am obsessed with all of them, including Seiko’s excellent version. They’re just so “Charlotte” (Gainsbourg and Rampling!).
A stylish mom friend was wearing her super-trashed Rachel Comey boots in the playroom the other day and it made me realize how perfectly classic-cool they are.
After getting sick of burning my fingers every time I tried to light a half-melted candle, I ordered one of these and it changed my life!


  • January 26, 2018


    OMG, my Mom had the Cartier and I had the Seiko, and I miss them both!

  • January 27, 2018


    Love my RC boots – so comfy! LV a classic – I don’t see it as retro at all – timeless

  • January 27, 2018


    Just ordered the LV case for me and my MIL…thank you!