Beauty Roundup: Shiny, Shiny Hair



Photo: @colorbychadkenyon

I pretty much stopped in my tracks when I got a gander at this photo on L.A.-based colorist Chad Kenyon’s Instagram (@colorbychadkenyon). A. it got me wanting highlights again and B. it made me crave shiner hair. So I did a little research to find the best products that bestow a little pretty glossiness. p.s. if you want to get beautified by Chad, you can email him at [email protected] p.p.s. New Yorkers, he’ll be here June 5th and 6th, so book now! But in the meantime, we can all get working on that sheen…


Here’s a nice light oil that I’ve massaged in before a shampoo, or lightly patted on after on dry hair. Either way, it really shines and conditions without extra weight.
Tribeca hairdresser Younghee Kim designed this Essential Rinse to use after shampooing or in-between, like at the gym. It gets rid of build-up that keeps hair from its shining glory. There’s an apple cider vinegar one for more hardcore cleansing and a clear mint version for toning the scalp and all-around freshening up. I’ve used both and my hair is healthier and shiner for it!
I’m just obsessed with this hippie-dippie bottle, but the ingredients are all so natural and nourishing. This one is great for repairing heat damage and is supposed to protect your color, increase elasticity, and enhance shine.
It’s marketed for curly hair, but Jamaican Black Castor Oil would probably be great for anyone who needs the extra love. p.s. castor oil is also supposed to be great for hair growth.
I bought BC Oil Potion on a whim and cannot stop running it through my hair because it truly makes it shine and wave so perfectly.

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  • May 16, 2017


    I can see why that hair picture intrigued you…her hair is gorgeous!!!

    I’m remembering that my mom used to use an apple cider vinegar rinse on my hair occasionally. It seemed to help not only with shine, but dandruff as well.